Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stop being LATE!



Believe it or not running late is a habit. Friends who I have known for many years have carried the tardiness habit with them since elementary school. People showing up late is one of my biggest pet peeve. Especially people who make appointments to meet you at a certain time and they end up showing up 30 minutes later.

 I have always valued people who showed up not on time but early. Everything I go to from watching a movie to my job, I show up 15-20 minutes early. This just shows accountability and responsibility which is a lost art in today's society.

I read an article online one time and it said doing something for 21 days will create a new habit. I wanted to test this theory out by changing the way I got ready for bed at night. I would usually take a shower than brush my teeth. I figure I would swap it around and brush my teeth first and take a shower. After this little experiment I have always stuck to brushing my teeth before hoping in the shower. I believe if you attempt to be early for the next 21 consecutive days your tardiness will dramatically increase because you have set a new habit.


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